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On this page we will describe: Hill Country Texas Hunting, Opportunities to Enjoy Nature, Ranch Fees and Rules for Visitors.

Hunting: Deer, Exotics, Turkey,  and Feral Hogs

Blind and Feeder #3
Picture by Richard P. Taylor

Mature 8 Pointer
Picture by Richard Taylor

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Blue Mountain Peak Ranch has some of the most beautiful and real hunting in the Texas Hill Country. Hunters find themselves in land that has rolling hills, steep ravines w/springs and running water, fields and forests like this part of the country was 150 years ago. There are only four blinds on the 830 acre Ranch ,with feeders that go off @ dawn & dusk from Sept. 1st through the end of hunting season, and competent hunters are allowed to hunt away from the blinds by setting up their own stands. Hunters need to plan on being @ the Ranch for 3 daylight hours before hunting for orientation.
Blue Mountain Peak Ranch has hosted NRCS for Land Management Classes and training on Prescription Burns, hosted Youth Range Workshops, Hunting by Orphans, many school groups, and is hosting studies being done to measure the results of our improvements by Texas Tech and Texas A&M.
Click on "The Farmer-Stockman February 2007" below for a PDF file/article about the Ranch 
Blue Mountain Peak Ranch is a MLD Ranch so our deer hunting season goes from the end of September to the end of February with some restrictions. Deer hunters use our MLD tags instead of their hunting license tags. A Texas hunting license is required. We welcome archery, crossbow and black powder hunters as well a rifle. We hunt Does over 3 years of age, Spikes and Three Pointers which can be taken paying the regular fee. Regular Fees are: Weekdays (Mon-Thurs): $200/gun/day w/min. of 2 guns and max. of 6 guns; Weekends (Fri. am-Sun pm): $750/gun/weekend w/min. of 2 guns and max. of 6 guns. 
A few Mature and Post Mature (5 1/2 years and older!) Trophy Bucks can be harvested. Mature and Post Mature Trophy Buck Fees: In addition to the Regular Daily Fees, $2500 must be paid in advance to shoot the Buck of your choice ( it MUST BE Mature/Post Mature) with your Buck fee refunded if you don't see and shoot a Buck that you want.
EXOTICS: Audad and Axis have been seen on the Ranch, they and any other exotics can only be harvested with special permission and negotiated fees.
TURKEYS can be taken during the regular seasons per Texas Parks & Wildlife laws and regulations for $250/gun/day. Max of 6 & min. of 2  guns.
FERAL HOGS can be hunted all year for the same fees and max/min guns as deer w/a refund of $10/hog/hunter up to 5 hogs. One feeder also goes off @ 8pm and is fitted w/a hog light.
Each new hunting blind has 2 chairs. A propane heater and scent masking supplies and four two-way radios are provided free of charge. There is well water available to drink and for dressing deer with, a place to dispose of animal waste and lights/electricity at the dressing station. We allow camping, and  self-contained RV's at no charge to clients. Free Wi-Fi internet access is available @ no charge.
We are open to discuss any options to fit your needs and schedule.

Experiencing Nature

Blue Mountain Peak Ranch has some of the most beautiful and scenic land in Hill Country. It has rolling hills, steep ravines, many kinds of trees, fields, springs, waterfalls, running water and a landscape much like it was 150 years ago. It has many species of flora and fauna that are native to the area. It has a large and diverse bird population with miles of small dirt roads to travel on.
The most common ways that visitors experience our ranch are:
GUIDED NATURE TOUR (in a 4-wheel drive air-conditioned Toyota truck) with short or long foot hikes included. On this tour you will hear about and see the geology, history, our restoration programs and wildlife.This is a 2 1/2 hour tour. Fees are: $20/person, min. 2 people.
UNGUIDED HIKING, for the more adventurous, there are 15+ miles of good walking/dirt roads and foot paths that wind through the ranch with more challenging hikes into the ravines available. Fees: $10/hour/person, min. 4 hours, up to 10 people.
BIRD WATCHING everywhere, including @ the year 'round feeders in the comfort of a hunting blind. We trap and destroy Cow Birds so our song bird population is thriving. Fees: $10/hour, min. 4 hours, up to 10 people.
PHOTOGRAPHY will be very rewarding by taking advantage of the richness and diversity of the geography, flora and fauna. Fees: $10/hour, min. 4 hours, up to 10 people.
MOUNTAIN BIKING on the 15+ miles of roads and paths that wind through the ranch. Fees: $10/hour, min. 4 hours up to 10 people.
THE RULES: Carry out what you bring in. Smoking OK, butts not to be thrown on the ground. Alcohol consumption OK, no drunks. No loud anything.(except guns) We require all hunters and guests sign a Release of Liability Form.
There is an AT&T Cell tower on our ranch and we provide excellent well water and a modern full bathroom.  

The Farmer-Stockman February 2007 Article