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These are some examples of activities people participate in at the Ranch

We offer activities on and off the Ranch 

Hunting for Deer, Hogs, and a few Turkeys

There are many wildflowers and native plants on the ranch

Dakota Vervain or Praire Verbena
Picture by Richard P. Taylor

Enjoy Nature: Hiking, Mountain Biking, Bird Watching, Guided Tours, Photography, Camping

Picture by David A. Bull Esq.

Sally Taylor, owner burning Ashe Juniper
Picture by Richard Taylor

Schedule for 2011-2012:
The Ranch is available for all activities throughout the seasons.

Kayak Trips

The Beautiful, Clear LLano River @ Whites Crossing
Picture by David A. Bull Esq.

1. LLANO RIVER from Whites Crossing to James River Crossing: This is a 4-5 hour guided trip on single passenger kayaks supplied by the ranch. It is a down stream paddle on one of the two best sections of the LLano River. It is a clear clean spring-fed river that winds through fields, tall rock cliffs and provides lots of scenic and wildlife opportunities. Mostly pools and calm water punctuated with some small rapids. Fishing is available. Lifejackets,  food and water are provided. Total cost is $125/person w/min. of 2 people.
2. LLANO RIVER from the James River Crossing to Martin's Crossing: This is a 4-5 hour guided trip on single passenger kayaks supplied by the ranch. It is a down stream paddle on the other best section of the Llano River.Same details/costs as above trip.   

White Water Kayaking Trips down the River from Hell

Led by a Republican from Cow Hampshire who will paddle the entire river backwards keeping an eye on you. He will yell and swear at you if you do anything he deems stupid. He will explain to you why socialism is stupid. This is a character building trip. Cost: $10,000/hour

For more information call: (325) 347-7144 or Email: