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Ranch Goal: Increasing Species Diversity and Water into the Aquifer


On this home page we'll tell you a bit about the ranch, what's going on and why.

Welcome! Blue Mountain Peak Ranch is located in Mason, Texas near the center of the state. It is in Texas Hill Country and Blue Mountain Peak is the highest land (2,135' above sea level) in Mason County. It is 830+ acres, about 1 1/4 square miles. It is run by owner, Richard Taylor, it was purchased it in 2001 by Richard and Sally Taylor (now deceased) and placed into Wildlife Management. We were Co-Founders of The Conservation Agency (see Link below) and follow their philosophy.
This designation allows us to keep Agricultural Land designation and tax status but provides for programs, working with Texas Parks and Wildlife field biologists, to improve the habitat for wildlife. Work began to improve the ranch in 2002 by cutting, mostly by hand, and using Prescription Burns, to burn the brush and fields to restore them to what they were like in the mid-1800's.
This area was sculpted by fire (every 3-7 years) and migrating herds of buffalo(some, as large as 50 square miles) for thousands of years. It was mostly in grasslands with few trees until the mid-1850's when European Immigrants arrived, the Buffalo were killed and the wildfires stopped.
Ashe Juniper (the locals call it Cedar) which was native, but mostly confined by fire to deep ravines, has exploded across the landscape of Hilll Country Texas dramatically changing the eco-system, putting stress on the native species, stopping and absorbing the normal 26" of rainfall from getting into the aquifer. It is estimated that the work done so far has put an additional 300 to 500 million gallons of water into the aquifer in 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008(even with the drought) and2009 !This has resulted in the re-birth of MANY SPRINGS and year-round/live water in many places where there was none.
We were educated and I continue to be educated and helped by Keith Blair of My Red Buffalo (see link below) and cut and "Prescription Burned" more than 800 acres. The results in flora and fauna improvement are remarkable. Springs, small creeks and waterfalls are showing up in many places. As a result, the improvement in viewing wildlife is dramatic.
The deer population has increased in health and so as to make for excellent hunting. The deer population is kept in balance with their food supply. The ranch has a policy to hunt and trap feral hogs, as they are very destructive to the eco-system. Fire ants are controlled organically so the ground birds and animals are doing much better. NO OTHER SPECIES ARE ALLOWED TO BE KILLED. No, not even rattlesnakes or scorpions!
On this site you'll find additional information about the Ranch, Hunting, and ways to experience and enjoy Nature at Blue Mountain Peak Ranch.

The Conservation Agency

My Red Buffalo

The benifits of eco-restoration are habitat improvement, species diversity and excellent hunting

Can you find the Horned Lizard?
Picture by David A. Bull Esq.

Find the 4 Does?
Picture by Richard Taylor

Blue Mountain Peak Ranch
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